What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do for a Seller in Illinois?

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If you’re preparing to sell your home in Illinois, having a knowledgeable real estate attorney represent you through the sale transaction provides tremendous value. But you may be wondering – what exactly does a real estate lawyer do for sellers in Illinois?

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do for a Seller?

A seller’s real estate attorney prepares necessary listing paperwork, reviews the purchase contract, oversees title work, negotiates contract and sale terms, coordinates closings, and generally represents the seller’s best interests from listing to closing.

What does a real estate attorney do for a seller? Prepares listing paperwork, reviews purchase contracts, oversees title work, negotiates sale terms, coordinates closings etc

1. Preparing the House Listing

One of the first things a seller’s real estate attorney can assist with is reviewing the  listing agreement and paperwork. This includes reviewing the seller’s agreement with the real estate broker that governs the terms of the listing and commissions. This may also include completing the home disclosure forms to provide legally required information about the property’s condition to potential buyers.

The attorney can also double-check facts about the home like square footage, PIN number, tax information and other information to be included in the listing. This helps ensure accuracy in the listing so everything is properly disclosed and buyers get the full picture.

2. Reviewing the Purchase Contract

Once an offer comes in, the seller’s real estate lawyer carefully reviews the proposed purchase contract to ensure all terms and contingencies protect the seller’s interests. The attorney may recommend amendments to strengthen protections or limit risks for their client.

3. Negotiating Terms & Counteroffers

On the seller’s behalf, the real estate lawyer negotiates with the buyer’s attorney on the purchase offer and any counteroffers. They work to maximize the sale price and limit contingencies that could delay closing or threaten the deal. The attorney’s experience smooths out negotiations and prevents conflicts from derailing the transaction.

4. Overseeing Title Work

A key responsibility of the seller’s attorney is managing title-related matters, including reviewing title search and commitment, resolving any identified title issues ahead of closing, and clearing liens or encumbrances impacting ownership claims. This protects against disputes post-closing.

5. Preparing Closing Paperwork

As closing approaches, the real estate attorney prepares and reviews key documents like the property deed, disclosures, settlement statements, tax forms required at closing, and other legal paperwork. This ensures the seller understands what they are signing while preventing errors.

6. Representing Seller at Closing

The seller’s attorney attends the closing meeting to oversee the process and resolve any last minute issues. They ensure their client complies with signing obligations and provide guidance on questions as the seller completes the various closing documents.

7. Resolving Transaction Disputes

If any disputes arise during the transaction between the buyer and seller, their attorneys mediate to resolve the issue quickly and avoid derailing the deal. The seller’s lawyer advocates to protect their interests during disputes.

In Summary

A knowledgeable real estate lawyer is an invaluable ally guiding you through every step of the home-selling process in Illinois. Their expertise allows you to optimize your sale price, avoid legal risks, and close smoothly. Investing in representation from listing to keys provides peace of mind and financial benefit.

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