How Long Does It Take To Close After Putting An Offer On A House in Chicago?

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For eager homebuyers here in Chicago, one of the first questions always asked is “If we put an offer on a house today, how long will it take until we can close and get the keys?

How Long Does It Take To Close After Putting An Offer On A House?

While each real estate transaction varies, generally expect 30-60 days between having your purchase offer accepted and sitting down to sign closing documents. The typical range is 4-8 weeks from the time an offer is submitted to actual closing day.

Why does it take 30-60 days to close after an accepted offer in Chicago? 

Why does it take 30-60 days to close after an accepted offer in Chicago? Reasons discussed

Owing to the steps involved after an offer is accepted such as home inspection, appraisal, finance approval, title work, legal document preparation and closing date scheduling, it takes at least 30 days to close on a house after an offer is accepted.

Home Inspections

Expect home inspections within the first 1-2 weeks once an offer is under contract. Buyers then get time to review findings and negotiate any needed repairs.


The lender will order an appraisal 1-2 weeks following inspections. Appraisals help determine loan amount and fair market value.

Financing Approval

With a purchase loan, allow 3-4 weeks for loan processing, underwriting, and receiving a clear-to-close from the lender. Pre-approvals speed this up.

Title Work

The title company requires 1-2 weeks to research title history, resolve any lien issues, and clear title before closing.

The lender’s closing disclosure and title company documents take about 5-7 days to prepare before the closing appointment.

Closing Date Scheduling

Agents need 3-5 days to coordinate closing for the buyer, seller, attorneys, lender representatives, and other parties involved.

In a typical Chicago purchase with financing, the steps above take 30 days at a minimum

Delays could push the timeline to 2 months or more in some cases. Where does the process tend to get held up?

Common Delay Points

  • Repair negotiations after inspection
  • Appraisal scheduling timing
  • Underwriting and loan approval
  • Title work revealing issues
  • Seller or buyer delays providing needed paperwork

The best advice is to get fully pre-approved before making an offer. This prevents lender documentation delays down the road after going under contract. Also build some “wiggle room” into your expected timeline.

In Summary 

When anticipating your closing date after an accepted offer in Chicago, one month is the typical minimum, while 2 months is a safer bet. 

Learn how long does it take to close on a house in Chicago, Illinois.

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