Partner with us and be your client’s hero!

Save your clients money, build reputation and get referrals.

We arm you with a suite of tools to make the home closing process seamless and stress-free for your clients. The biggest perk of working with us is saving your sellers 50% on title fees.

We respect and value your role throughout the lifecycle of a real estate transaction. We are invested in a long-term partnership with you and strive for honesty and transparency. We promise to involve you in the process every step of the way.


How are you able to offer 50% off title fees?

We are an affiliate of the title company, United Settlement Services, LLC. As a result, we are able to offer significantly discounted rates without compromising the quality of our service. Additionally, we do not take the traditional attorney-agent split, allowing the title company to offer dramatically lower rates to your sellers.

How do you approach your relationship with realtors?

We view our relationship with realtors as a partnership. Unlike other firms that take over the transaction and leave you out, we like open communication and transparency. We seek to stay in touch with you throughout the entire process to make sure we reach our collective goal together.

Why should I refer my clients to you?

We will save your sellers a lot of money on title fees. That alone will set you apart! We view this as a partnership and will communicate throughout the lifecycle of the transaction and beyond.