How Much Does a Title Company Charge in Title Fees?

What is a Title company?A title company provides a type of insurance related to real estate transactions. It is responsible for ensuring that a property’s title is clear of any legal claims, liens, or encumbrances before a sale takes place. Once the transaction occurs, the company will issue policies to …

How Much Does Title Insurance Cost in Illinois?

What Is Home Title Insurance?When you buy a home, you become the owner of the property. However, after the sale someone else may claim to have a right to the property, either as the result of a mistake or fraud. If this happens, it can lead to expensive legal battles …

Choosing a real estate lawyer in Chicago – A Definitive Guide

A guide to choosing a real estate lawyer in Chicago. Real estate transactions can be complicated, so a lawyer can help with navigating legalities and protecting your rights. Consider factors such as experience, knowledge, availability, reputation, and cost when choosing a lawyer.